Asset Management

How can agencies on limited budgets minimize the cost of their capital infrastructure assets without sacrificing service levels? Harris & Associates enables deliberate, informed planning to help prioritize your system’s maintenance and upgrades.

History shows that a "worst first" approach to maintenance and repairs isn't always the optimal asset management strategy. Whether you are a small city looking to improve your Pavement Condition Index or a large water utility seeking guidance on your long-term capital improvement plan, you need clear insights to guide your investment priorities. Harris & Associates helps agencies make data-driven decisions about their infrastructure and take a "best value first" approach to managing critical assets.

Translating Data into Action

Our expert team bridges the gap between collecting and leveraging data to drive results. We partner with key decision makers to analyze infrastructure assets and offer guidance to navigate the political dynamics involved, including Board approvals for capital investments that become community improvements.

Covering Every Angle

Improving infrastructure performance and emergency response, increasing security, reducing overall costs—our holistic approach to asset management delivers comprehensive benefits. We deliver thorough asset inventories (tracking age, condition, and criticality) along with proactive operation and maintenance recommendations. We also support long-range financial planning with replacement options based on cost-benefit analyses.


Related People

  • Pavement Management Programs (PMP)

    Pavement Management Programs (PMP)

    The typical street deteriorates by 35% in its first 10 to 12 years. Agencies often take action after this point—and spend more than is necessary. Harris' PMP experts help inform decisions around street rehabilitation to get the most from agency budgets. Our services include:

    • Pavement management software and system selection
    • Condition survey and analysis
    • GPS and data collection
    • Capital improvement planning
    • GIS integration
    • MTC StreetSaver® Power Users for inventory management


  • Water + Sewer System Management

    Water + Sewer System Management

    Harris teams with water utility leaders to evaluate system assets and create rehabilitation and replacement plans. Clients rely on us for: 

    • Strategic planning
    • GIS and data management
    • Water modeling
    • Water main planning and assessment
    • Water utility financial modeling
    • Public engagement
    • Design and construction
    • Rate analyses