Advisory Services

At some point, every agency seeks answers to complex questions. But how can you be sure you are asking the right questions? The strategic advisors at Harris & Associates can help you tackle the right questions and deliver real results.

Drawing on decades of award-winning capital project delivery and strategic experience, we thrive on navigating the intricacies of an issue to expose its core. From there, we provide concrete options to meet your goals—not just another plan to make a plan.

Expertise under One Roof

Our team offers smart strategies and consultation to help you deliver successful projects that address the business and technical sides of infrastructure. From policies and procedures to organizational efficiencies, Harris leverages deep, cross-functional expertise to consider every perspective.

Unique Industry Leadership

Recognized leaders in water and municipal services, our advisors partner with agency leaders to address aging infrastructure, capital financing, and stakeholder expectations. We oversee budgets, schedules, communications, and quality control with a holistic approach—keeping one eye focused on today’s goals and another on the big picture.


Related People

  • Capital Project Prioritization

    Capital Project Prioritization

    Harris provides organizational capacity and decision assistance to help your agency deliver capital projects that align with stakeholder expectations and community goals, transparently within cost and regulatory requirements.

  • Strategic Planning

    Strategic Planning

    We work with public agencies and utilities to develop strategic business plans aligned to their core mission and values—charting a clear path forward to their goals. Harris also services public agency decision makers with data, decision-making tools, and actionable insights that address the full spectrum of complex problems facing your organization and constituents.

  • Organizational Improvement

    Organizational Improvement

    For communities to thrive, agencies must find adaptive, more efficient ways to leverage their human and financial resources. Harris brings decades of unique, cross-functional public agency expertise and a wealth of business experience to help public agencies deliver their services efficiently to meet changing community needs.

  • Litigation Support

    Litigation Support

    Harris' consultants and engineers can provide analytic and related services to help agencies obtain successful litigation outcomes—including expert testimony and legally defensible documentation related to construction claims, development impact fees, environmental compliance, climate change, and risk and resilience matters.