Funding and experienced staff are hard to come by these days, yet demand surges for expensive infrastructure improvements and a safe, clean, sustainable water supply. Harris & Associates understands your challenges—and how to make the most of your precious resources.

Harris' proud tradition of serving water and wastewater agencies started with our first project over 40 years ago. Our commitment and capabilities have grown steadily since becoming the EPA Construction Grants Program first independent construction manager in California. Today, amid growing populations and aging infrastructure, we bring a holistic view and multidisciplinary expertise to help agencies with planning, funding, permitting, design, and construction management for their vital projects.

One Water. One Firm.

Harris subscribes to the U.S. Water Alliance’s One Water approach to sustainable management—understanding that water enhances community wellness on many fronts. In one firm Harris provides the rare advantage of end-to-end expertise to help agencies and districts with:

  • Rehabilitation for water distribution, sanitary sewers, and stormwater conveyance methods
  • Upgrades, expansions, and new construction for treatment plants, pipelines, and stations using traditional and alternative delivery methods
  • Innovative, resilient solutions to address climate change and other extreme weather events

Strategic Partners 

To complement our award-winning engineering and construction management services, Harris offers strategic consultation for all facets of water projects. You rarely find such a wide spectrum of expertise with a single partner. The Harris team consists of professionals ready to help with:  

Go Trenchless

To keep your undergrounding projects ahead of the curve, our teams employ the latest trenchless construction methods. Trenchless technology enables the rehabilitation of underground water and sewer lines without digging up streets—saving precious environmental and economic resources. Since 2013, Harris & Associates has been named one of the Top 50 Trenchless Engineering Firms in North America by Trenchless Technology Magazine. Harris is also at the forefront of sustainable stormwater and wastewater initiatives for removing contaminants and transforming reuse into valuable assets.


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